by Yo Snyder

The new Bond movie opens with a beautifully shot and very artistic opening scene.  Blending the suspense of a masked individual with the backdrop of Dia de los Muertos celebration in Mexico City.  The costumes are a spectacle as we follow our masked man through the crowd and his ultimate role in Mexico City. Had the entire movie held the pace and beauty of the opening scene, it would have been a movie that earned my highest praises.  Instead, some of the slower moments and lack of character development left me wanting.  Spectre delivered a better story than the previous two installments, but is still a distant 2nd to Casino Royale

The movie has a wonderful villain leading up the shadow organization Spectre.  However don’t expect to learn much more about the organization, this movie is more about Bond’s relationship with the villain and his current plot than the broader organization.  So much of this relationship ties to previous movie points that I highly recommend you touch up on your Bond flicks before venturing to the theater this weekend.  Even then you may be troubled trying to fit the pieces of obscure name references together.  And while trying to piece relationships together might frustrate, it does not really detract from the action that plays out as Bond attempts to take down Spectre’s current plot of world domination.

The characters are enjoyable but lack some of the lasting qualities that previous characters provided.  The story is good but could easily be edited down some to keep a better pace to the film.  Some snores could be heard from the audience and while that’s a shame, its evident of some slow drawn out scenes.  The new bond is not for everyone, especially those who hold to “old school” Bond standards.  I personally think Daniel Craig plays an awesome modern Bond and enjoy the direction they are taking Bond – not so gimmicky, more of her Majesty’s rogue hero.  I walked out with a smile and enjoyed my movie going experience and recommend taking the time to go enjoy the latest installment.  Just be sure you have touched up on your Bond stories so you can keep up with the relationship hooks.

5 out of 7
The new Bond is an enjoyable movie experience that left me satisfied but not rushing out to tell all my friends to see it (like I did with Martian).  Rated PG13 for typical Bond action and scantily clad ladies be cautious about bringing the younger ones.