Saving Mr. Banks – The True Story of Mary Poppins

by Yo Snyder

When Mary Poppins
come out in its most recent release on Blu-Ray and DVD (the Diamond…or Platinum…or
Palladium…or whatever the most recent edition was), among the special features
was one about the story of securing the rights to Mary Poppins in order to make
it into a movie. Walt Disney personally invested a lot of time and effort in
order to make that happen, and eventually developed a rather unique
relationship with the author, P.L. Travers. It was a fascinating story, one
that was almost as good as the movie itself. Well, apparently I’m not the only
one who thought so, because Disney has decided to take that story and turn it
into a movie of its own; which knowing what I do now about it, I think it’s a
fantastic idea. The first trailer for that story, called Saving Mr. Banks, just released, and one of the first things I
noticed was I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to play the legendary
Walt Disney than Tom Hanks (also a bit ironic that Tom Hanks will have saved
Private Ryan and Mr. Banks). Bit of casting brilliance there. Take a look at
the trailer and then share your own thoughts in the comments below.