Rise Of The Guardians – Santa And Friends Play Super Heroes

by Yo Snyder

Well The Avengers
was a huge hit and is bound to be a big influence on movies in the future, I
just didn’t expect to see that influence show up in time for the holidays. Rise of the Guardians looks like what
happens when The Avengers or The Justice League meets with holiday legends.
After all, not every movie can feature a team-up of popular super heroes, so
why not have one that features a team-up of popular holiday characters? Rise of the Guardians features Santa
Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost going all Avengers on
some evil force that apparently is out to give all children everywhere bad
dreams. I always wondered what Santa did during his off time; apparently he
spends it doing a super hero-esque team-up. Take a look and let us know what
you think of the Super Holiday Friends and their upcoming movie.