Resident Evil: Revelations – Impressions From The Demo

by Yo Snyder

Good news. The 3DS is finally getting demos. It’s something
that’s been a long time coming for Nintendo. I’m still not sure why the Wii
never had demos for games while it was a regular feature for the Xbox 360 and
the PS3, but whatever the reason, it looks like it’s going to be something we
can enjoy on the 3DS. The first free demo is for Resident Evil: Revelations, and you can pick it up in the Nintendo
eShop. Hopefully we’ll get plenty more of these, especially for other big
titles like Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Animal Crossing 3D, but what about Revelations? Does it give you a good feel
for the game?

I’d say that’s a definite yes. While the demo is only one
level, there’s plenty to explore and even a few scares along the way. First,
the game in general looks pretty good. The debate continues to rage about just
how powerful the system really is, but I’d say graphically speaking this game
clears the best the Wii ever had to offer. The pre-rendered CG looks as good as
the current HD graphics, and the in-game graphics are pretty sharp as well. As
for the 3D effect, it works well enough and gives the game some extra depth (no
pun intended) and atmosphere, but in the dimmer parts of the demo I think the
darker look combined with 3D just added to my eye strain. Still, there weren’t
any gimmicky “flying right at you” uses of the 3D, instead it was used to help
immerse you further in the game. Sound wise the music does a good job of adding
to the creepy, intense atmosphere, and I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not,
but your weapons sounded a little weak. Of course that just added to the intensity
of facing off against the…things you encounter.

So yeah, about those things. They’re not exactly zombies,
perse, at least not in the traditional sense. They do moan and shamble along,
but they look more like horribly disfigured, evil versions of Zoidberg from
Futurama than actual zombies. They also have some leech like qualities to them.
Still, they’re creepy and spooky and kind of disgusting, so I guess that makes
them effective.

Controls for the game are pretty good. It’s not hard to aim
and shoot (R plus the Y button), you can use the left bumper to strafe, and the
D pad helps you switch items with ease (or you can use the touch screen). The Y
button works as your catch-all “action” button, which is a little awkward at
first because I’m used to the A button doing that, but it works. Without any
hints or tutorials, it was pretty easy to get a feel for how everything worked
as I made my way through the creepy ship that looks like a rundown mansion that
I was stuck in (Jill said it seemed familiar, and despite not being a regular
RE player, it did remind me a bit of the mansion for the RE remake for the
Gamecube). You also get to try the new object scanner, an item that lets you…well…scan
objects to find hidden items and more. It has a vague Metroid Prime-esque feel
to it what with all the scanning and all, but it could add a fun new wrinkle to
the series.

For those who liked the more survival/horror pace of the
early games as opposed to the more action-orientated gameplay of the recent
Resident Evils, I’m sure this demo will give you a lot of hope for Revelations. Plus, with a nice little
surprise at the end of it, I think this demo will do exactly what it should;
get people excited about buying the game. That being said, it’s just as creepy
and gory and laced with Mature content as you’d expect from this franchise, so
if you’re like me and that stuff just isn’t your really forte, there’s nothing
special here to see. The demo doesn’t really do anything special with the 3DS,
so unless you’re interested in the game, you don’t need this demo. But I’m glad
it’s here as it’s paving the way for future demos, and that ain’t bad.