Resident Evil: Revelations – A Terrifyingly Good 3DS Game

by Yo Snyder

Let me just start by saying this…I LOVE the Resident Evil
series. I have since the beginning. I remember the first time I played Resident Evil on the Playstation. It’s the game that got me to purchase a
Playstation in the first place. To that
point, I was a diehard fan of the cartridge and never thought I’d change until
the day I saw RE at a buddy’s house and the rest is history. It’s also the reason I modded my GameCube
just so I could play the Japanese remake of RE1 (or Biohazard) before anyone
else. True story. All that to say I have followed this series
from the beginning and have been a huge fan through the years…for the most part…Resident Evil: Outbreak comes to mind. It’s also why I have been critical of the
franchise as of late and have been crossing my fingers for something fresh,
exciting but still not too far of a departure from the original. Enter Resident
Evil: Revelations
for the Nintendo 3DS. 

The story is mainly set on a ship that eerily reminds me of
the mansion from the very first game. I
love the way the story unfolds and the television show feel of it. After you
complete a chapter you are given the option to Save and Quit or continue. Either way, you are treated to a “previously
on Resident Evil…” and a recap of the last episode played. Another new addition is the rating of each
chapter. You are graded on your
accuracy, deaths, and clear time and given points you can use for purchasing or
upgrading weapons for Raid Mode. Raid
Mode is a multiplayer game where you must traverse a level finding keys and
clearing rooms. You get power ups and
points by completing each level. You can play Raid Mode solo, online
multiplayer style or local multiplayer. I cleared the first few on my own but the degree of difficulty steadily
climbs and I found myself in need of a partner by the 5th level or so.

New to this edition of Resident Evil are missions. Missions are quests of a sort and depending
on what you accomplish in the campaign and raid mode you unlock cool items like
weapons and new costumes for characters. Since I love Xbox achievements and PS3 Trophies this was a nice addition
that added some serious replay value for the collector in me.

The gameplay is similar to Resident Evils of the past. You have a number of slots to carry ammo and
herbs and I loved the times where you had to find a coin or a cog to progress
the story. An addition to your inventory
this time around is the scanner or Genesis as it is called. It added serious time to my play through
because I scanned EVERY ROOM. The
scanner finds hidden ammo, collectibles and upgrades for your weapons and also
allows for scanning of bad guys which can give you herbs and contribute to the
missions. The controls and aiming system
worked well. (I only used the single analog stick) The one minus I have on the
gameplay is the dodging system. It felt
iffy at times and I found myself frustrated when it didn’t work but overall the
controls and gameplay are solid.

Resident Evil:
reminds me of the GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil and looks even
better. The presentation is above and
beyond anything I’ve seen on a handheld to date. (although I have yet to pick
up the Vita…but that’s a different discussion entirely) The cinematics are amazing and on par with
any Resident Evil console cinematics I’ve seen. The gameplay graphics are incredible and look even better than the
polished console remake of the original. I do have to say I only spent 50% of the time playing in 3D only because
it strains my eyes too much but the 3D was stunning. This title is by far the best looking 3DS
game to date. The crazy part is the graphical
awesomeness isn’t even the best part of the presentation. That award goes to the sound. One of my favorite things to do back in the
day when playing a Resident Evil title was turn off the lights and crank the
sound. With a handheld you would think
some of that would be lost but not the case here. The sound is flawless. I recommend a pair of headphones for the
ultimate experience. There were a few
times I was thankful for the hard case on my 3DS because I jumped and almost
dropped it.   Needless to say, the
presentation is the best I’ve ever seen or heard on a handheld.   A side note on the presentation is the
content. Resident Evil is a mature rated
game and while the language is scarce it is still there…oh, and you are
shooting oozing zombie things in the face. If you are cool with that…awesome. If not…don’t buy it.

While Resident Evil:
isn’t perfect, it is the closest I’ve seen a game come on the
3DS and a great experience for the mature fan.  
Also, with the online play and tons to collect, you can get lost for
hours. I’m still trying to decide if
that’s a plus or a minus. Either way,
I’m very content with Resident Evil:
and am now going to constantly write Capcom until they
rerelease Zero through Code Veronica on the 3DS.

Score: 6/7