R.I.P.D – Eternal Cops Undead Mayhem

by Yo Snyder


When I saw the first MIB, I loved it. I was fresh out of high school and this movie had some very cool effects and a fun concept. Like RIPD, MIB is based off a Dark Horse comic series. Why do I start off with my love for MIB? Because RIPD seems to have ripped off most of its story line from MIB and try as I might, I could not overlook the similarities. MIB
holds my original fascination with this plot line so unfortunately,
RIPD comes in a distant second when two special agents are fighting bad
guys the earth can’t know about. With that said, RIPD is a fun movie! Most people will find enjoyment in watching Jeff Bridges play out a resurrected western lawman (Roy) shooting up mode
rn Boston and taking out the deados (that would be the bad guys, folks who died and stayed on earth). Ryan Reynolds (Nick) plays his normal role as quirky one line comic relief and does a fine job partnering with Jeff Bridges. The
great part is when RIPD agents come back to earth their identities are
changed and their ability to communicate with humans is hindered. Natures witness protection program as Roy puts it. This
provides a primary source of comedy during the movie as Roy is seen by
normal humans as a voluptuous blond and Nick is seen as an elderly Chinese man.

RIPD or Rest In Peace Department has been given the job by the Almighty himself of taking out dead guys who refuse to go to their
eternal resting place. RIPD officers are given this
assignment as an alternative to judgment (led to believe they may not
pass into heaven given their choices on earth), and must serve 100 years
and then have a second chance on earth to live out their lives. Of
course, this responsibility comes with some cool guns and the ability
survive just about anything (except a shot to the head with the same
bullets they use to take out deados). The deados are trying to do anything possible to avoid the afterlife and continue to live out there existence on earth. Both RIPD officers and deados are avoiding final judgment. Thankfully,
we as Christians have confidence in what our judgment experience will
be. Our sins will deserve death, but that debt has been paid in full by
the death of Jesus Christ and we will instead experience life eternal in
heaven. No need for us to fear death and judgement
resulting in some twisted desire to stay on earth and live out life as
rotting corpses walking around downtown Boston!

great thing about RIPD is it knows its story elements well and it does not keep
you waiting for what you know will come next. 
The Heros save the day in timely fashion and you are not left sitting in
your seat wondering how long this will take. 
I doubt RIPD will be the summer blockbuster it was hoping to be, but it
will provide good entertainment for those who make there way to the theater
this weekend.  I for one, would recommend
waiting for the bargain theater.  I saw
the movie in 3D and can say save your money, this movie has very little in the
way of 3D effects to make it worth the expense.

give it 4 out of 7, like MIB there is stylized violence of CGI created dead guys
and some of the dead guys get a little gross when they reveal themselves.  Certainly some of the younger kids should
avoid the movie or risk some scary images of dead bad guys.