Pokemon – The Bible And Augmented Reality

by Yo Snyder

Psalm 27:13 “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the
land of the living.” During the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week,
Nintendo unveiled a new console that, among other things, will provide some new
ways to integrate augmented reality into games. Basically, with augmented
reality you look through a screen and you see things differently. With the
naked eye you might see your desk, but with augmented reality you might see
your desk with a Pokemon on it. With Nintendo’s new console, your TV screen
will show you one aspect of a game, and the screen on the controller will show
other aspects taking place all around you in your living room. Pretty cool,
right? Well the Bible is the ultimate augmented reality device; it allows us to
see the world as it truly is. Through it we can discern good from evil, and sin
from righteousness. We see people and events through the eyes of God and
therefore understand their true significance. While augmented reality is just
something to make games a little more interesting and fun, a Biblical reality
reveals to us the truth of the world around and helps us discern not only how
to live in this world, but how to change it with the reality of the good news.