Pacific Rim – Check Out The First Trailer

by Yo Snyder

Guillermo del Toro was one of the directors who was going to bring The Hobbit
to the big screen. Ultimately, that didn’t happen. So what did he do
instead? Well, instead of small little hobbits, he turned his attention
to big, giant monsters and bigger, gianter robots. Pacific Rim‘s
first trailer recently released, and it delivers pretty much what the
movie promises; big monsters, big robots, big action. But, is it going
to be one big mess? It it going to be more a 1998 Godzilla, a Michael Bay Transformers
movie with even bigger robots, or will it prove to be something
special? Hard to tell at this point but, hey, robots and monsters
dukeing it out looks pretty cool, so I’m in. Take a gander at the
trailer and then share with us what you think? Cheesy or cool?