Noah – Will the Biblical Epic be Epic?

by Yo Snyder

There’s been some controversy around the Noah movie of late; specifically whether
or not it will appeal to mainstream Christians or if it will take too many
liberties with the material and make a less Biblical version of the Biblical
epic. Now that the first trailer is available, I have to admit that it seems a
rather important character is missing; God. He played a pretty major role in
the story, but the trailer has mostly in-direct references to Him, with “the
Creator” being about as specific as it gets. Too nitpicky? Well, that’s pretty
much what this movie is in for, I’m afraid. That aside, I think the trailer
looks good, and I love the design of the ark itself. In truth, I’m pretty
optimistic about this take on the story, and if it doesn’t follow the Book
closely enough, I’m willing to let that go seeing as movie adaptations of
popular books rarely do. Share what you think in the comments below.