Noah – First Pic From The Film

by Yo Snyder

One of the big blockbusters coming soon to a theater near you
just happens to be one of the most familiar stories of the Bible. Director
Darren Aronofsky (of Black Swan and The Fountain fame) is putting together a
big-budget version of Noah starring Russel Crowe, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and
Jennifer Connelly. The movie doesn’t release until March 2014, but here’s your
first look at Crowe as Noah. Hard to make out much from it, aside from the fact
that as long as Crowe is playing Noah, he has much more of an action-movie-guy
look about him, but who knows, maybe Noah was that kind of grizzled looking
tough-guy that people knew not to mess with. We’ll keep you posted on the
details about Aronofky’s Noah as they
develop, in the meantime, share in the comments below what you think about
Hollywood tackling a popular Bible story in such a legit fashion (after, that’s
no small amount of talent they’ve gathered for this film).