Nintendo 3DS – More Free Games Revealed

by Yo Snyder

Nintendo has made some pretty radical moves with its 3DS recently.
They slashed the price from $250 to $170 less than six months after its
launch. They’re working hard to get some triple A titles to gamers to
show them why the system is worth owning (Starfox 64 3D may be the
first step to doing that, but it’s yet another 3D remake of an older
game; when’s the new stuff going to get here?). In short, they’re doing
pretty much everything they can to salvage a quality system that got
off to an admittedly shaky start. This all fine and dandy for everyone
who’s been waiting for a reason to buy a 3DS (whether that meant
waiting for a cheaper price or better games), but what about those of
us who trusted in Nintendo right from the start and got a 3DS during
the “launch window”? Well, Nintendo is going to take care of us by
releasing ten games for free for all of those 3DS Ambassadors; a fancy
title for early adopters. We already knew some of the titles, and
recently, they revealed a few more.

We already knew about games
such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, Ice
Climbers and Donkey Kong Jr., but here are the other titles you’ll be
able to download starting September 1st assuming you were one of the
early adopters of the 3DS system. Metroid from the NES –  which is a
interesting addition since we’re also getting Metroid Fusion, Yoshi –
which is actually a puzzle game kind of like Tetris, NES Open Golf
Tournament – one of the early iterations of Mario Golf, Wrecking Crew –
a unique Mario spin-off title where Mario is, well, on a wrecking crew
instead of a plumber,  and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – which
isn’t the most popular Zelda adventure as it did a lot of things
differently from the classic formula.

So those are the other
five NES classics we’ll be getting soon. What do you think of the
selections? Does it help soother the pain of having paid more for the
system knowing you’ll get these titles for free?