Nintendo 3DS – Ambassador Games Available Early

by Yo Snyder

We made a happy little discover today; those ten NES games that Nintendo’s giving out for free to its 3DS Ambassadors, well they’re available a day early. The games were set for a September 1st unveiling, but you may just be able to get them today. We’ve already had some success in downloading them (both Will and Stevo were able to get theirs, I forgot to bring my 3DS to work with me today – bummer). So if you’d like to enjoy a blast to the 8-bit past with some Nintendo classics, you can do that today. However, the downside is that it isn’t exactly an easy process to get to these free games. Fortunately, the good people over at IGN.com have a handy little “how to download” guide for you to follow. So check it out, get some free games, and tell us what you think.