Nintendo 3DS – A 3DS For Christmas?

by Yo Snyder

So here it is; the first big holiday season for Nintendo’s 3DS. It’s
been a tough year for the system. After some initial anticipation
following its E3 debut, things cooled quite significantly come launch
day. A weak lineup of games didn’t help much, nor did a fairly steep
price point. Plus, some features that were promised for it weren’t even
ready at launch. In the following months, though, Nintendo has worked
hard to right the ship. A lower price point as well as free games for
early adopters tried to smooth the way. Some big titles for the holiday
season, including Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7 are finally
arriving to help off-set the glut of ports and re-makes. New updates
have expanded the 3DS’ capabilities with things like the ability to
record 3D videos. So yeah, Nintendo’s worked hard to get their fledgling
piece of high-tech entertainment ready for its first big holiday
season; but is it enough? Let the debate begin: