New IMAX in ABQ – Details on the New Winrock 16

by Yo Snyder

Albuquerque is a great movie town. We make some pretty great
movies here…except maybe for The Lone
…and Terminator Salvation…and…well,
we make movie here. We also love to go to movies here, and now we have a
fantastic new theater to go see them in. I say fantastic because, yes,
Albuquerque will finally have an IMAX theater. Now there’s been some confusion
about this, so I went right to the source, the Regal Cinema Group, and talked
to a very pleasant and helpful Rachel Lueras who gave me the lowdown on ABQ’s
newest theater.

So I think some of the confusion about whether or not
Winrock 16 was an actual IMAX arose because it also features Regal’s own RPX
format. Think of Century Rio’s XD Theater except possibly better. RPX will show
both 2D and 3D films in a premium format, not sure what that means exactly, but
the basics are uncompressed sound, bright digital projection, and really big
screen, fancy, comfortable seats; basically a high-end movie going experience
both technologically and comfort wise. Sounds good. There’s also an official
IMAX theater at the new Winrock 16 with all the amenities one would expect from
that experience. So yes, New Mexico finally has an IMAX, and also another great
movie going experience with RPX.

Winrock 16 is hosting a preview event starting this Sunday.
Not only will you be able to go and enjoy some movies for just 2 bucks, and get
popcorn and drinks for 2 bucks, but all the proceeds will benefit local
charities. Sunday will benefit NDI New Mexico, Monday benefits Ronald McDonald
House, Tuesday the proceeds go to the Road Runner Food back, and Wednesday the
benefit is for the Albuquerque Public School Foundation. The official grand
opening for Winrock 16 is November 15, and during the first week (through the
21st) you can get a free small popcorn and drink with a paid
admission. For all the details on what movies will be playing during the
special preview event be sure to check out Regal’s website.

So I haven’t seen the theater yet, but thus far all the
information I’ve gathered has me pretty excited about this new place to see
movies in Albuquerque. It’s about time we got an IMAX. Check out at Louisiana
and I-40 behind what was once the Winrock mall.