Netflix – More Expensive, Still More Affordable

by Yo Snyder

I’ve heard it plenty of times in recent months. Friends talking about ditching cable or satellite TV and switching to Netflix for streaming media, DVDs and Blu-Rays. It’s actually not a bad idea. I don’t pay for TV, and I watch plenty of movies, documentaries and TV shows on Netflix streaming over my Wii, and occasionally we get a movie on DVD as well. Best of all, it only costs ten bucks a month. In fact, we watched so much stuff streaming over the Wii that initially my wife thought it was too good to be true; we get all these movies and TV shows for just ten bucks. There must be a limit of some sort. Nope. None. Good times.
Well those good times are about to get more expensive. According to The Netflix Blog, prices for their services are going up. The pricing changes take place this September. You can get unlimited streaming for $7.99 a month under the new plan, or get an unlimited 1 DVD rental play for $7.99. If you want both the DVD and the unlimited streaming (which currently costs us ten bucks), the price for that jumps to $15.98 a month. As for the reason for the change, Netflix thinks the demand for just DVDs justifies separating the plans and charging more for having both fully featured services. It’s still cheaper than cable or satellite, for but those of us who have enjoyed the benefits of it in recent years, the price jump is still a shock. I’m changing my plan to just unlimited streaming, as that’s what we watch most in my home. Technically I’ll be saving two bucks a month, I suppose, but I still miss the option to get the occasional movie on DVD. What do you think about the new plan?