Need For Speed Most Wanted – Taking On The Most Wanted (With Cool Gadgets)

by Yo Snyder

Burnout Paradise
was one of my all-time favorite racing games. Criterion’s Need For Speed Most Wanted is making a strong case to replace that
game as my favorite. In many ways, it looks a lot like Burnout, but with the
added addition of licensed cars and the constant pursuit of cops. If you’re
looking for an arcade racer to fill up some time with thrills and speed, NFS Most Wanted should fit the bill just
fine. Of course, the main goal in this open world racer is to move up the Most
Wanted list of outlawed racers in the city. To do this, you’ll have to beat
them in races going head-to-head, and to give you a better idea of what that
looks like, Criterion was kind enough to give us this video preview. Pay
attention to the cool gadgets that you get to equip and use on the fly during
the races. That should certainly provide an interesting wrinkle to the
proceedings. What do you think?