More Game Nights Coming – Forza, Black Ops, Madden NFL, and Halo 4

by Yo Snyder

Well thanks everyone for hanging out and playing Battlefield 3 with us this past Friday,
we truly had a blast. Just a reminder, if you were one of the lucky few to win
a prize, be sure to send us your contact info to gameandmovieguide@gmail.com so we
can fill out an official prize sheet and get you your goodies. We have plenty
more game nights coming up, including on September 15th. Race with
The Guide in Forza 4 for a chance to
win more cool prizes. Pluse, later this Fall we’ll set up a Madden NFL 13 league, we’ll compete in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, we enjoy the
clash of the Spartans in Halo 4, and
we’ll return to the Battlefield once again when the new “Armored Kill” map-pack
releases. So plenty more gaming goodness is on the way. Watch our Facebook and Twitter page for updates, or keep up with us on Google plus. And don’t forget
to share your thoughts and opinions with us at gameandmovieguide@gmail.com.