Mass Effect 3 – New DLC Incoming

by Yo Snyder

Mass Effect 3 has already received several DLC packs, however
most of them have been focused on delivering new multiplayer content and
one aimed to fix everyone’s complaints about that ending (don’t know if
that worked or not, personally, I didn’t think it made a huge
difference, although I did like the expanded ending a bit better). But,
if you’ve been itching for some more missions for Commander Shepherd and
his intrepid crew to engage with, the latest DLC should come as very
good news indeed.

“Leviathan” launches sometime “this summer”,
which should be in the next couple months because, well, after that it’s
not really summer anymore. It’s a single player mission that’s about
the same length as the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC was for Mass Effect 2.
This new mission has Shepherd and the crew hunting down a weapon that
can apparently kill Reapers. In order to do this, you’ll have to head
into the depths of the sea. So you know what that means; a new mech to
play with. Fun. The DLC will have new planets and characters, and
successfully completing apparently has some sort of effect on the ending
of the game, but let’s be honest, considering most of us have already
finished it, just how drastic of an effect could that possibly be.

No pricing or precise release date has been announced. So what do you think, ready for some new adventures aboard the Normandy?