Mass Effect 3 – Missing A Familiar Face

by Yo Snyder

One of the biggest disappointments of my gaming career was
when, through a series of unfortunate events, my save file for Mass Effect didn’t properly transfer
from one Xbox to another. I had the misfortune of playing through Mass Effect 2 with some arbitrary
decisions made for me, which was still a great, fun game, but it felt less
personal. However, in anticipation of Mass
Effect 3
, I went all the way back to the first game and completely finished
both it and Mass Effect 2 with a
properly imported character so that when the third game came around, the story
I would experience would be mine and mine alone. Therefore, it was with much
joy when I put Mass Effect 3 into my
Xbox 360 and it politely asked me which character I wanted to import with a
brief list of the decisions made by the character helpfully listed on the side.
I was elated that it was indeed my
story that I was about to play, unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly with my character.

Apparently there is a glitch wherein if you created a
character in the first game and didn’t modify their appearance at all in the
second one, you won’t be able to import that face into the third game. Oh, the
rest of your previous saves will be there, just not the look of your character.
So it may be a familiar story, but you may miss seeing a familiar face. I’ve
gone back and forth on this. On the one hand the look isn’t as important to me
as the story, so as long as the rest of my games are brought over, what’s the
big deal? On the other hand, I experienced those previous stories with my
Shepard looking a certain way and I kind of miss having a familiar face.
Granted, I pretty much remember what he looks like and was able to mostly
recreate him from memory, still, it wasn’t quite the same. Apparently the
makers of the game are aware of the issue, but there’s no word as of yet if it
will be fixed. Does it need to be
fixed? Probably not, but it’d be nice…except, then I suppose I would have to
start the game over and I’m too curious to do that, I want to press forward.
Maybe on my next play through I can enjoy seeing a familiar face.

That being said, I wouldn’t let it discourage you from
jumping in to Mass Effect 3. What
Bioware has done with this series is really quite special, and to bring all of
that to a fulfilling climax in this final game for Shepard and his crew is a
special treat. Plus, it looks great, has some powerful scenes for something
that’s “just a game”, fun combat, and even a decent multiplayer. It’s the rare third
chapter of a franchise that lives up to the hype; so enjoy.