Mass Effect 3 – Fufill Your Destiny

by Yo Snyder

After five long years, we finally get to see where our
choices have led us. When BioWare releases Mass
Effect 3
this March; one of the most ambitious and successful gaming
trilogies of this generation. It’s all about to come to a close, and the really
cool thing is how it all concludes is, in a small way, entirely up to you. The
choices you made in the first two games have an impact on the final chapter of
this story. Your destiny has been forged, and now you’ll see its fulfillment.

From the very first game, Mass Effect set itself apart in how it was willing to let you shape
the story. Other games had “morality systems” to allow you to play as a good
guy or bad guy, but letting you kill off major characters, making you decide
which member of your crew should live or die, but letting you build your own
romantic relationships, and forcing you to make big decisions that would
reshape the game’s universe; that hadn’t really been done. Mass Effect 2 took things a step further. Your decisions in the
first game shaped the world of the second, and by the end of it, it was
conceivable for everyone, including your character, to fail the mission and
die. Obviously, your choices played a huge role in that. Now, with the entire galaxy
threatened, it’s up to you to help unite the various species you’ve encountered,
again through the choices you make, to help defeat an unstoppable force
determined to wipe out all organic life. Epic stuff; and the outcome all hinges
on the choices you make.

Life is a lot like that as well. Granted, your choices
probably don’t affect life in the galaxy as we know it, but they can have an
eternal impact. First, our choices affect our eternal destiny. You have one,
you know, and it’s entirely up to you whether or not you fulfill it. What is
that destiny? John 17:3 (NIV 1984) “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ,
whom you have sent.” Your destiny is to know God. Your destiny is to have
eternal life through knowing Jesus Christ. Your destiny is to live forever! How cool is that? Well, it’s only cool if you
choose to fulfill that destiny. The other choice we make that has eternal
impact is whether or not we share that good news. Each and every day we
encounter people who don’t know what their destiny is; they may not even be
aware that they have one. Will you engage with them? Will you choose to make a
difference? The way we choose to interact with others, what we choose to say
and don’t say, shapes their eternal destiny. I know; epic stuff and way more
exciting than a video game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see how
everything I’ve done turns out in Mass
Effect 3
, but more than that, I want to make sure I finish well and that
the choices I make mean one day I’ll hear God tell me, “Great job, you got the
good ending.” Or, more scripturally, “Well done good and faithful servant.”
(Matthew 25:21 NIV 1984)