Man of Steel – The First Teaser Trailers

by Yo Snyder

If you didn’t happen to go out and see The Dark Knight Rises, not
only did you miss out on seeing a pretty good movie, but you also
missed the first teaser trailer for the return of Superman. Attached to
TDKR was the first teaser trailer for Man of Steel, the
Christopher Nolan produced, Zack Snyder directed attempt to get things
rolling in the proper direction for one of the most recognizable super
heroes in the world. At first, I was distracted by the music from the
death scene of Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring, but once I
got past that, I saw a trailer for a Superman movie that looks as though
it’s going to take things in a rather interesting direction. This won’t
be the homage/remake that was Superman Returns, that’s certainly
clear. There are actually two versions of the trailer, one with a voice
over from Kevin Costner as Pa Kent, and one with Russel Crowe as
Jor-El. Take a look and tells us what you think in the comments below.