Man of Steel – Take a Peek at Krypton

by Yo Snyder

Warner Bros. has been playing it rather coy with Man of Steel. Whereas there’s been a
steady flood of info and images and videos of movies like Iron Man 3 and lots of updates on Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain
America 2
and so forth, despite the fact that it’s releasing this summer,
the WB has kept it rather tight concerning Big Blue. Then again, Christopher
Nolan is involved, so naturally some secrecy is bound to be apart of it. Well,
to help stoke the fires of anticipation even more, there’s finally a new,
rather lengthy trailer for Man of Steel.
It includes such treats as a peek a Krypton, a first taste of what the score
will be like, and more. Take a look and share what you think. Is the “less is
more approach” Warner Bros. is taking with the film getting you more or less
excited about it?