Man of Steel – New Trailer; How’s It Look?

by Yo Snyder

One of the treats viewers will get to enjoy at The Hobbit is the first full trailer for Man of Steel.
But just in case you’re not going to see that movie (which one would
have to wonder why), we have it right here for you. I’m pretty stoked
for this one, although I do have some reservations. After all, Superman Returns had some pretty epic trailers, and while it wasn’t a bad movie, it didn’t really live up to its own hype. Can Man of Steel
do that? Will this film be the reboot movie Superman needs, nay,
deserves? Will the combination of Zack Snyder’s visual atheistic and the
steady hand of Christopher Nolan as producer create the modern Superman
movie we’ve always wanted? We’ll know for sure next summer, but for
now, I’d say this trailer makes Man of Steel not only look epic, but it makes it feel appropriately Superman enough to to be confused with The Dark Knights or The Avengers of our day. Take a look and share your thoughts in the comments below.