Man of Steel – New Poster; What’s It Hinting At?

by Yo Snyder

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the latest poster for
the next attempt at a Superman reboot; Man
of Steel
. Yup, that’s Supes being escorted in handcuffs. Sure, he could
totally break out of the cuffs and toss all of those dudes away and make his escape,
but I think this poster may say a lot about what’s being done with the
character in the upcoming flick. Superman is choosing not to do any of those things because he isn’t Batman; he
doesn’t see himself as above or outside of the law. He plays it by the rules.
In fact, he’s the icon, the representation, the epitome of doing what’s right
no matter what; even if it means being led away in chains. Interesting, no?
Kind of a Matthew 26:53 type moment (look it up) for Superman that’s yet
another Christ-like parallel. What does this hint so far as what the movie will
be about, or how the character of Superman himself will be handled? Speculate
away in the comments below.