Man of Steel – Kneel Before Zod!

by Yo Snyder

Superman has often been viewed as some sort of goodie
two-shoes who’s afraid to get his hands dirty. Most of the live action Superman
films have certainly portrayed him as a pretty clean-cut guy who doesn’t really
mix it up too much with the bad guys. However, in the latest trailer for Man of Steel, it looks as though that
may be changing. Oh, Superman is still a goodie two-shoes, as he should be, but
it looks like he’s going to have a gritty time of it trying to keep Zod from destroying
his adopted home world. The first few trailers for Man of Steel have been grand, softer pieces. This is gritty, edgy,
hard-hitting and gives one hope that this Superman movie will have bit of that
same tone. In short, this movie is looking more and more awesome; dare I
believe that as Superman can actually be Superman? Take a look at the latest
trailer and share what you think in the comments below.