Maleficent –

by Yo Snyder

with more of a blank state than usual.
can’t recall much of the original Disney movie and as such, I am not a fan to
be hurt by changes.
  The previews looked
cool and I was excited to see Angelina Jolie take on the role of Maleficent.
  Let’s start with some of the strengths the
movie has going for it.
  First and foremost,
Angelina Jolie nails it and this is by far her best role in recent years.
  She brings to life the fairy betrayed
beautifully and her acting alone carried much of the movie.
  I would go so far as to say the movie is
worth seeing just to enjoy seeing Angelina play her role so well.
  The movie has stunning landscapes and
  To see the Moor come alive with
fairy wing and fantasy creatures was awesome.
I also like that the story was short and to the point.  We did not have countless rabbit holes and
side plots, nope, this movies stuck to its roots and kept the movie to a
respectable 90min flick.
  I also want to
give kudos to Elle Fanning as Aurora.
Her role was small, her acting needs limited, but I must say she portrayed
the happy princess perfectly.
  Her smile
and innocence really came through and reminded me of story book images of our
beloved Sleeping Beauty.

Turning to some of the weaknesses, first and foremost for me
was the darkness of the plot change.
of having Maleficent as the enemy in the movie, the King is turned into the
enemy and with dark psychological undertones.
Again, I am not comparing this to the original story and coming away
disappointed, I am just disappointed at how dark Disney made the story by turning
a loving King into a dark heart.
is very little redemption in this movie and it has a dark ending which is only
somewhat overcome by the final scene.
With the role the fairies (Flittle, Knotgrass, and Thistletwitt) played
in the original, some may be disappointed by their lackluster appearance in
this remake. For me they were poor comedic relief and did not add much to the
story, kind of unfortunate considering how much more comedic their performances
could have been.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  Despite some shortcomings, I walked away
satisfied and again would say the movie was worth seeing for Angelina in a role
she clearly enjoyed.
  Perhaps she was
thinking of her kids and trying to make an impressive movie for them…
  The darkness in the movie is not necessarily
new waters for Disney, but it could have been toned down a bit.
  Something interesting to consider in the
movie is how we are tied to our fate.
The king in an attempt to keep Aurora from her fate burns and hides all
the spinning wheels in the kingdom, doing everything to keep his daughter from
her unfortunate curse.
  We too are under
a curse, one that started many years ago.
And while people try to deny it, hide it, or attempt to work their way
out from under it, there is nothing we as humans can do to escape our fate or
undo the curse.
  But unlike Maleficent
who was powerless to change her curse, God is all powerful.
  He has provided a way out from under the
curse of sin, not by anything a human can do, but by his own power.
  He gave His son as a sacrifice to save us
from the curse.
  So while you are
enjoying Maleficent this summer, remember to thank God for doing what you could
not and providing a way to remove the curse!

5 out of 7 – This movie is rated PG which implies it’s for
kids, but there are some very dark and disturbing images throughout the movie.
Give careful consideration before taking the younger crowd to this movie.
  This is not the Sleeping Beauty of your