Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 9

by Yo Snyder

Ok, so last week was a little crazy and while I did actually run our Madden NFL 13
sim for the Broncos vs. the Bengals, I never got around to posting the
results. Now, it’s probably going to be a little hard to believe just
how close some of our stats were, but that’s just the nature of the
beast, I suppose, and a good reminder to me to try and be even more
diligent in getting this done no matter how crazy my week may be.
Suffice it to say, our Madden sim predicted the Broncos would struggle
but ultimately find a way to be victorious, and that’s pretty much how
things worked out in the real game. So here’s a quick summary:

Broncos 31, Bengals 23:

the score of our Madden game was actually Denver 17 and Cincinnati 10, a
lower score but close to the same margin of victory. Manning went 22 of
31 for 297 yards 2 TDs and 2 INTs in our game, with Dreessen and
Stokely being his two main targets and both have over a hundred yards
and Dreessen getting a TD. Manning threw a really bad pick in the
redzone, and in general, Denver just had a hard time punching it in for
TDs. Also, the Broncos struggled on the ground with McGahee getting only
42 yards rushing. Really, that’s what happened in our Madden sim. So,
in the real game, Manning went 26 of 42 for 299 yards and 3 TDs and 2
INTs. Yeah, bad pick in the redzone; we predicted it. Along with the 2
INTs. McGahee did a bit better than our game, getting 66 yards on the
ground, but it was tough running, again as we predicted. Man, I’m just
so bummed I didn’t get this posted on time because we were so accurate
in a couple of key areas. But hey, in the end, it was the win that
counted, so now Denver continues life on the road as they head to
Carolina to fast Cam Newton and the Panthers. Can Manning outduel last
year’s rookie wunderkid? I will definitely tell you what Madden 13 predicts ahead of time this week, so tune in.