Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 6

by Yo Snyder

Well, here we are in week six, and the Broncos haven’t exactly
embarrassed themselves, but they haven’t exactly shined either. Losing
to the Patriots, Texans and Falcons isn’t really anything to be ashamed
about (after all, two of those teams are still undefeated and one of
them is a juggernaut on offense with a revived running game), so sitting
at 2-3 isn’t all that bad really. In fact, the only really surprising
thing would have been if a rusty Petyon Manning working with a whole new
team would have done better than that. However, this week the Broncos
travel to San Diego, and if they want to a) be taken seriously and b)
have any shot at the playoffs, they’re going to have to take care of
business on the Chargers’ home field. Like against the Raiders, there
isn’t a lot of room for mistakes, and there won’t be a lot of grace
shown for a loss. It’s another do or die moment for Manning and the
Broncos, will they rise to the challenge? Here’s what happened in the
world of Madden NFL 13:

Broncos 24, Chargers 13:

1st Quarter –  After forcing the Chargers to punt on their first
drive, the Broncos got into rhythm quickly and were able to turn their
first drive into three points on a 21 yard field goal. A TD would have
been nicer, but hey, at least they got points. Then, the storm clouds
started to gather as the Chargers struck like lightening with a 76 yard
bomb to Eddie Royal for a TD.

Yup, the guy the Broncos got rid of scores big against his former
team. Must be nice. Things settled a bit after that as the teams traded

2nd Quarter: Denver came out firing in the second quarter. They got
things started with a nice long drive that ended with a 13 yard TD pass
to Decker. Unfortunately, their next drive ended quickly with an INT,
but the Denver D kept the Chargers from capitalizing on that turnover,
and on their next possession, inside the two minute warning, Manning hit
Thomas on a long 80 yard pass for a TD.

3rd Quarter: So things were looking good, but suddenly all that
energy in the Denver offense seemed to disappear. They got the ball to
start the second half, but quickly went three and out. The Chargers
drove down the field but could only come away with a 40 yard field goal.
The Broncos went three and out again, and the Chargers drove down the
field for a 30 yard field goal. And then, the Broncos went three and out
once more.

4th Quarter: The next drive for the Chargers took them into the 4th
with the momentum, but that quickly came to halt after Rivers threw an
INT. Denver, suddenly invigorated, finally put together a nice,
sustained drive that at a lot of clock and ended with a 7 yard TD toss
to Dreessen. The Chargers couldn’t convert on a fourth down, and from
there, Denver ran out the rest of the clock.

Manning finished his day with 16 of 27 for 273 yards, 3 TDs and an
INT. He got some good help on the ground from McGahee, who gained 76
yards on 16 carries, and although Moreno only had about 9 yards, he
helped covert on some key third downs. Dreessen was the primary target
of the day, with 5 catches for 81 yards and a TD, and Thomas had a big
day with 2 catches for 86 yards and a TD.  One big problem for Denver,
they allowed five sacks. So, if the Broncos can sustain any sort of
offensive rhythm, and more importantly, if the Denver D can help keep
Rivers and his offense out of the end zone, there’s really no reason
Denver shouldn’t be able to win this one, which is good, because this is
a must-win game. Will they? Tune in Monday to find out.