Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 5 [Updated]

by Yo Snyder


Ball. Security. Two words the Broncos need to put together if they
want to compete with elite teams, and make no mistake, Brady and the
Patriots are an elite team. If the Broncos could have secured the ball a
little better, who knows what might have happened. In truth, I still
say the Pats win this one because they were just on this week, and the
Broncos are still adjusting to everything new. However, cutting their
teeth on some of the elite teams of the league early in the season will
either help them be that much better later on, or just completely wear
them out with nothing left for the final stretch.

Broncos 21, Patriots 31:

Our stats weren’t even
close on this one, nor was how Madden 13 predicted the game might
unfold. Manning finished 31 of 45 for 345 yards and 3 TDs, but that just
wasn’t enough. McGahee had 51 yards on the ground, which was close to
the 42 we predicted in our sim, but he also had a key dropped pass and a
key fumble lost. Got to secure that ball boys, and Im talking to you
too Thomas; thats twice a go ahead touchdown was lost because you
couldn’t hang on to the ball. Still, we predicted a big day for Thomas, 6
catches for 125 yards and a TD, and he didn’t disappoint with 9 catches
for 188 yards, but he missed that chance for a TD. So now the Broncos
head off to San Diego. Win that one, and they’re tied at the top of the
division. Lose that one, and…well, it’s better not think about it. Check
back later this week as Madden 13 tries to give us an idea of what to

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Well, week five of the Broncos’ season sends them back to Gillette
stadium, where despite some high hopes for yet another miracle, the
Broncos had reality handed to them in the form of another dominant
playoff performance by Tom Brady and the Patriots, and so Tim Tebow’s
magical run with the Broncos came to an end. Now the Broncos are back
with an entirely different quarterback, one that Tom Brady’s faced
before; Peyton Manning. The Broncos and Manning got some confidence last
week with their win against the Raiders, the question is whether or not
that will be enough to help Manning get a win in his thirteenth
match-up, and maybe the last, against Tom Brady. Two of the best QBs go
toe-to-toe once again, who will come out on top? Well, here’s what our Madden NFL 13 sim predicted Manning will do:

Bronocs 21, Patriots 18: 

Quarter – Considering that these two are considered by many as two of
the best quarterbacks to play the game, the first quarter was remarkably
anti-climatic. It was all punts. Both sides just couldn’t find any room
to move the ball, and so the entire quarter was either three and outs
or stalled drives, and a whole lot of punts.

2nd Quarter – Things
got interesting in the second quarter as during a what looked like might
be a promising drive by the Broncos ended in disaster with a Manning
pick. The Patriots were able to get a little yardage off the turnover,
and eventually converted for a 41 yard field goal. The Broncos drove
down the field and were at least in position to tie with a field goal of
their own, but again, Manning’s throw was picked off. The Patriots got
down the field some, but were eventually stalled, and once again settled
for a field goal, this one from 47 yards. So despite two turnovers, the
Broncos weren’t too bad off at 6-0.

3rd Quarter – Denver started
with the ball in the second half, and Manning engineered a long, steady,
consistent drive that culminated with a 1 yard rush into the end zone
by Moreno. So things were looking good now despite the turnovers, but on
their next drive, Brady connected with Ridley on a screen pass that
somehow went 80 yards for a TD on their first play.

on the two-point conversion. Denver got the ball, but were forced to
punt after just a few plays, but fortunately the Broncos D forced Brady
into a quick three and out to end the quarter.

4th Quarter – With
the ball in their possession, Denver pushed down the field once again
with another long, steady drive that ended with another short run from 9
yards out by McGahee into the end zone. The Patriots, however, also
finally put together a long drive, and they capped it off on a short ten
yard pass to Edleman. Again, New England couldn’t convert the
two-points, and with time running out, the ball was back in Manning’s
hands and the game his to win. After a couple plays, Manning found
Thomas wide open, who used his speed to get 69 yards down the field into
the end zone.

The Broncos played it safe and merely went
for the extra point, meaning New England only needed a field goal to
tie, and with two and half minutes left after the Broncos’ quick scoring
play, they had plenty of time to do. Once again, however, the Broncos D
held New England to a three and out, and the punted right before the
two minute warning. Now all Denver needed was a couple of first downs.
The first only happened because of spectacular catch over the middle by
Stokely, but McGahee was kept from pounding his way on the ground for
the second. However, the Patriots were out of timeouts, and so the
Broncos ran the clock, punted the ball with 30 seconds left, and Brady
couldn’t come up with enough magic to get the Patriots from their twelve
yard line into field goal range.

All in all, not quite the game
everyone might be expecting from a Brady/Manning rematch. Brady played
the better overall game, with 22 of 27 passes for 295 yards and 2 TDs.
Manning went 19 of 29 yards for 270 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs, however, he
did get the W. McGahee was held to just 42 yards on 16 carries and a TD,
and Thomas finished the game with 6 catches for 125 yards and a TD. So,
Manning and his offense are still working out some quirks, but made the
plays when they mattered. The Broncos defense, however, is as stout as
ever and was equal to the task of keeping the explosive Patriots offense
mostly in check. Could this be the recipe for success when Brady and
Manning square off this Sunday? We’ll soon find out.