Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 2

by Yo Snyder

Well it’s the second week of the new NFL season, and there are surely
going to be some fascinating stories that unfold. However, one of the
most intriguing will be what Peyton Manning and the Broncos do for an
encore after that virtuoso performance at home against the Steelers.
Matt Ryan and the Falcons are no offensive push overs, but should
Manning continue to run the Denver offense with the same efficiency,
command, and smarts that he did last week, well this should be a
high-scoring, exciting game. And in fact, it was in our sim. Both
Atlanta and Denver lit up the scoreboard, although the Falcons were a
little slow getting into rhythm, which gave the Broncos all the edge
they needed. Here’s how it all unfolded in this week’s WWMD Madden NFL 13 simulation:

Broncos 41, Falcons 23

Quarter – The Falcons began with the ball, but they didn’t hold onto it
long, as on the second play the Denver D picked off Matt Ryan and ran
it back for a TD. However, the Falcons got that right back with a 75
yard pass to Douglas for a TD, and so with just 30 seconds of the game
played and only three plays having been run, fourteen points were
already on the board. Manning, however, came out and took control of
things on Denver’s first offensive possession. Running a nice,
methodical drive with a good mix of pass and run, Denver took the rest
of the quarter to get down the field and started the early part of the
second with a 1 yard TD run by McGahee.

2nd Quarter: After getting
their first offensive touchdown, Denver’s defense shut down Atlanta’s
deep ball and forced them to punt, and on their ensuing possession, the
Broncos put together another nice long, methodical drive that was capped
with a 10 yard TD pass to Dreessen.

The Falcons once again tried
to even thing up quickly, but on a deep pass to Jones, Champ Bailey
jumped the route and made an interception at the ten yard line, and the
Broncos were content to run out the rest of the time in the first half.

Quarter: Denver started off with the ball for the second half, but once
the reached about mid-field, Manning made an admittedly terrible pass
that was picked off by the Falcons. Atlanta, however, couldn’t get much
done, and had to punt. The Broncos made their way down field, but
eventually their drive stalled and they had to settle for a 29 yard
field goal. The Falcons once again had trouble getting anything going,
and the third quarter ended with them punting the ball to the Broncos.

Quarter: Both teams exploded in the fourth. Denver got things started
with a drive that ended with a 5 yard pass to Tamme for a TD. The
Falcons responded with a 51 yard pass to Jones who caught it around
mid-field and just used his speed to get pass the defense for the score.
The Falcons converted for two-points, but failed to get the onsides
kick. The Broncos stayed ahead by scoring a TD of their own on a 12 yard
pass to Thomas. But then the Falcons came right back on a 66 yard,
one-handed grab by Jones, and they once again converted for two-points.

However, time was against them, and failing to get the onsides kick once
again, Denver ran out the rest of the clock and ended the game with a
38 yard field goal to seal the deal.

Peyton Manning was once again
solid, completing 20 of 32 passes for 236 yards, 3 TDs and one ugly
INT. Ryan was also pretty darn good, with 14 of 23 for 256 yards for 3
TDs and 2 INTs. McGahee helped out the Broncos quite a bit on the ground
with 23 carries for 79 yards and a TD, while Dreesen and Thomas both
came away with six catches for 65 yards and 69 yards respectively and a
TD for each of them. Jones, meanwhile, only had two catches, but get a
load of this, they were both TDs and he had 117 yards from those two
catches. The main problem for the Falcons was their offense basically
took the most of the second and all of the third quarter off. If they
misfire that badly for real, and if the real Manning continues to look
anywhere near as efficient and dangerous as his Madden NFL 13
virtual counterpart, the Broncos just may be a force to be reckoned with
this season. How accurate do you think this prediction is? Leave your
thoughts in the comments below.