Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 16 [Update]

by Yo Snyder


Well, the struggles they had in our Madden 13
sim were in no way indicative that Manning and the real Broncos were
going to have any trouble at all. The offense and defense both continued
to play well, and Denver rolled on towards the playoffs:

Broncos 34, Browns 12:

and Broncos are firing on all cylinders at just the right time in the
season. What’s more, they’re doing so on both sides of the ball. The
offense and defense are both playing extremely well, and this is looking
like a much more formidable team than they did at the beginning of the
year. Manning finished 30 of 43 for 339 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT,
certainly better than predicted in our Madden sim, although the yardage
was pretty close. Still, those red zone turnovers are worrisome. What’s
more interesting is we predicted Weeden would only have 95 yards
passing, and in reality, he had 105 yards on 12 completions compared to
the 11 in our game. Eerie. Moreno did much better than predicted,
doubling our prediction for 78 yards, while Richardson ran for much less
than we thought, gaining only 53 yards on the ground. The defense had
five sacks, not to mention some forced fumbles, so yeah, they’re looking
stout. If the Broncos can knock-off Kansas City next week, and if the
Texans lose to the Colts, there’s a chance Denver could end up the
number one seed in the AFC. Who predicted that happening at the
beginning of the year?

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Broncos have surged at just the right time this year, and now they’re
poised to head into the playoffs on a hot streak. However, their final
two games against Cleveland and Kansas City could easily be trap-games;
ones that could derail their momentum. You can never take any team for
granted in the NFL, something I was reminded of during a surprisingly
difficult Madden 13 sim. Don’t expect the Broncos to roll just because
they’re facing the Browns and the Chiefs. Here’s how things went against
the Browns:

Broncos 19, Browns 7 –

1st: Things got
off a promising start for Denver as they were able to back up Cleveland
and get a safety on the Browns’ second drive of the day. Unfortunately,
the offense couldn’t get anything going early in this game, and after
getting the 2 points from the safety, Denver promptly turned the ball
over with an Interception.

2nd: Things didn’t improve much in the
second quarter. While the Broncos D kept the Browns’ offense in check,
the Denver offense continued to either fizzle or make costly mistakes. A
long promising drive into the red zone ended in another pick by
Manning, but again the Broncos defense bailed him out by shutting down
the Browns. As the quarter came to a close, Denver finally got some
points on the board with their offense on a 34 yard field goal.

The Broncos had the ball to start the second half, but they gave it
right back to the Browns on Manning’s third pick of the day. Cleveland,
however, continued to struggle to get anything going, and on their next
possession, Denver finally started to look more like themselves with a
steady drive that ended with a 15 yard TD pass to Dreessen.

The Browns tried to get back into the game with a big play, but ended up throwing an interception instead.

The Broncos couldn’t get much rolling in the final quarter, and the
Browns finally found their way into the endzone with a 3 yard TD pass.
With the ball in hand, a frustrated Denver offense ran out the clock to
end the game, and punctuated the game with a last-second TD pass, 34
yards to Stokely.

This was just an all-around ugly game, but the
Broncos D helped pick up the slack of a struggling offense. Manning
finished 23/36 for 379 yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs. Weeden was held in check
throughout the game, getting just 95 yards through the air, going 11 of
19 for 1 TD and 2 INTs. Moreno founding nothing on the ground, with
just 37 yards, while Richardson did some damage with 76 yards on the
ground. Thomas had a big game with 7 catches for 97 yards, while
Dreessen also had 7 catches for 121 yards and a TD and Stokely finished
with 4 catches for 119 yards and a TD. Hopefully the real game isn’t
quite as bad as this, and Denver can keep up the momentum leading into
the final week of the season.