Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 15

by Yo Snyder

The Broncos are on one of their longest winning streaks in
recent years, actually since their 1998 Super Bowl Year. Eight wins in a row,
which means their last loss was way back in October. However, it has to be said
that streak hasn’t exactly come against the cream of the NFL, which makes this
week’s game against the Ravens all the more important. John Fox has stated this
game will be a “measuring stick”, it’s the game that will show whether or not
the Broncos are ready for the playoffs. Well, according to Madden 13, Manning
the Broncos still have room for improvement, as they have all year, but it
looks like they’re ready to face tougher teams. It wasn’t a pretty win, but
after four quarters, thanks to a combined effort on offense and defense, the
Broncos emerged victorious. Here’s how it happened:

Broncos 17, Ravens

1st Quarter — Baltimore started things off with a
heavy dose of Ray Rice, as they should, and it was enough to put their first
drive of the day in field goal range, which they hit from 38 yards out. The
Broncos got down to business and had a decent drive of their own going, but
just as they were entering field goal range, Ed Reed stepped in front of a
Manning pass and intercepted it.

2nd Quarter — The Ravens took the rest of the
first quarter and early the second, they were once again in field goal range,
hitting one from 25 yards. The next Broncos drive fizzled, and despite another
well executed drive, the Ravens were unable to punch it into the end zone and
had to settle for another three points with a 21 yard field goal. Well, the
Broncos finally found some rhythm late in the second, and using up a lot of
time, they were finally able to get a 12 yard TD pass to Dreessen.

The Ravens, however, ran an efficient 2-minute drill, and
were able to score yet another field goal from 35 yards out before the first
half ended.

3rd Quarter — The Broncos started with the ball
in the second half, but couldn’t do anything with it. Neither could the Ravens.
In fact, pretty much nothing happened in the 3rd as both defenses
kept the opposing offenses from getting anything going.

4th Quarter — The Broncos finally got an extended
drive going in the fourth, and eventually punched it in for a 9 yard TD pass to
Moreno, giving them their first lead of the game.

The Broncos D kept the Ravens from the moving the ball, but
just when it looked like the Broncos offense was going to take control, Moreno
fumbled the ball and the Ravens recovered. However, the defense stepped up once
again, sacking Flacco and keeping him out of field goal range. The Broncos
started running as much clock as they could with a run game that started to
finally eat up some yards, and they sealed the deal with a 21 yard field goal
to close out the game.

Manning finished the day with 15 of 27 for just 202 yards, 2
TDs and an INT. Flacco never really got anything going, ending with 14 of 21
for 151 yards. It was tough going, but Moreno was eventually able to grind out
71 yards and had a TD pass, while Ray Rice was mostly held in check with 44
yards rushing and another 38 receiving. Dreessen had a huge game, with six
catches for 122 yards and TD, while Pitta was Flacco’s main target with five
catches for 60 yards. It was a tough game, but exactly the type of the game the
Broncos needed to win to show they’re ready for the playoffs. Can the real Broncos
pull out the win as well? We’ll find out this weekend.