Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 13

by Yo Snyder

Well, week 12 was a wild one, yet Denver was able to do something
they often struggle with; win in Kansas City. It wasn’t an easy win, but
it was one that showed just how far this team has come since the season
started. There are several tests left, but if the Broncos continue to
improve as they have throughout this year, they will be a dangerous team
come January. According to Madden 13, they certainly could do just
that. The Buccaneers are coming to town, and they’re no push-overs, but
the combination of offense and defense, balance in the running game and
passing attack, make the Broncos a well-rounded team that’s going to be
tough to defeat. Here’s what Madden 13 predicts will go down this

Broncos 34, Buccaneers 14 –

1st Quarter –
The Bucs were a little shaky to start off. Their first series fizzled
rather quickly. Once the Broncos got the ball, they steadily drove down
the field and capped off their drive with a 15 yard TD pass to Dreessen.
This, however, seemed to wake Tampa Bay up out of their apathy, as they
put together a long, steady drive of their own capped by a 5 yard TD
run by Martin. He also broke a big run on the third down earlier in the
drive, picking up 38 yards on a 3rd and 7. 

2nd Quarter – The
Broncos got themselves into scoring position on another good looking
drive, but a sack set them back, and a dropped pass meant they had to
settle for a 46 yard field goal. The defense, however, shut-down
anything the Buccaneers attempted on their next series. Denver got the
ball back and was able to punch it into the endzone on a 31 yard pass to
Thomas. Again, this seemed to bring life to the Tampa Bay offense, as
they marched right down the field and answered with a TD of their own on
a 37 yard pass to Underwood.

When the Broncos got the ball, it
looked like they’d pull ahead further right before half, but a bad throw
by Manning ended up getting intercepted. The Bucs ran an efficient
2-minute drill, but out of time outs and out of time, they were only
able to get the ball to the seven yard line before time expired. So
instead of tying the game, they went into the half still down by three.

Quarter – The Broncos started with the ball in the 3rd, and they
consumed a lot of time on their first drive and capped it off with a 23
yard TD pass to Thomas.

However, the Buccaneers looked like they
were ready to respond once again, as they had throughout the game, but
on a deep pass attempt to Williams, Bailey stepped in and intercepted
the ball. The Broncos ground out the clock on the ground and took the
game to the fourth quarter…

4th Quarter – …where they got into
the redzone, but three attempts at rushing it into the endzone where
shut down, so they settled for a 21-yard field goal. The Buccaneers were
now in more desperate straits, and abandoned the running game. The
Denver D, however, did it’s job. They forced Tampa to go for it on 4th
down, and then hurried Freeman in the pocket, forcing a bad pass and an
INT. Denver ran the ball, ran the clock, and eventually punched through
for a 3 yard TD run by Moreno.

Manning had a solid game, going 16
of 20 for 276 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. Meanwhile, the Denver ground game
did its part with 79 yards from Moreno and a TD, plus another 25 yards
from Hillman. Thomas ended the game with 99 yards and 2 TDs, while
Dreessen had 79 yards and a TD. Meanwhile, the Denver D held Martin to
just 64 yards and a TD, and Freeman to 18 of 27 for 239 yards, 1 TD and 2
INTs. It was an all-around solid effort by the whole Broncos unit,
which has become their M.O. throughout the season. Will that continue in
the real game this weekend? Tune in Monday to find out how things
compare to our Madden sim predictions.