Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 11 [Updated]

by Yo Snyder


Well, week 11 is in the books. The Broncos are firmly in control of
the AFC West, and it looks as though theyll win the division in a much
more convincing fashion than they did last year. Part of that has to do
with Peyton Manning taking over the offense, but a lot of it has to do
with how well the defense is playing. You know how the Denver D held the
Chargers to just 21 yards in the first half of our Madden 13 sim? Well,
they did pretty much the same thing in the real game. The Chargers
tried to make a game of it late, but it was too little, too late. Denver
continues to impress, and the Chargers continue to be a mess. Is anyone

Broncos 30, Chargers 23 –

Denver still has some kinks to work out in the offense. It was
obvious that Manning was frustrated with some of their drives, but
overall, theyre coming along nicely. The big hurt, however, is losing
McGahee to a knee injury. Well have to see what sort of impact that has
in the coming weeks. Manning ended the day 25 of 42 for 270 yards, 3
TDs and 1 INT. Not too far off from what we predicted in Madden 13.
McGahee had 55 yards before leaving the game, and Hillman and Ball
contributed another 43 and 35 on the ground, so not too bad. Meanwhile,
you know how Von Miller had four sacks in our sim? He had three in the
real game, and two forced fumbles. The mans a beast! The Denver D is
making a difference, and the Denver offense is coming along. Denver has
struggled against Kansas City in the past, even with Tebow; will things
be difference this year? Tune in later this week to see what Madden 13
has to say about it.

[Original Post]

The last time the Broncos and the Chargers met, it looked like the
Broncos were going to get handled easily with them down 24 to nothing at
halftime. Then, something happened. More specifically, Peyton Manning
the Broncos offense combined with some opportunistic defensive play
happened. The next thing you know, Denver’s walking out with a 35-24 win
and one of Peyton Manning’s greatest comebacks of all time. Well, this
week at Milehigh, I’m sure Denver is hoping for a different script. If
our Madden NFL 13 sim is any indicator, it’s likely that they’ll get it.
Here’s how things went for them:

Broncos 38, Chargers 10 –

Quarter – Now I know it looks like Denver just blew the Chargers out of
the water, but the game was closer than the score indicates. Denver
still had several miscues on offense, including plenty of dropped
passes. Still, they got off to a strong start, with the Denver D forcing
the Chargers into a three-and-out on their first possession, and then
the Broncos put together a nice long drive and scored on a 23-yeard TD
pass to Tamme.

The Chargers were shutdown again on their next
possession, and just when it looked like Denver was going to score,
Manning threw an INT on a long pass to the end zone. In fact, if there’s
one area where Denver really struggled this game, it was the big pass
down the field. Still, the turnover didn’t cause any real damage as
again, the Chargers couldn’t convert on a first down.

2nd Quarter –
The Broncos settled things down and put together a long, time-consuming
drive that eventually culminated in a 6 yard TD pass to Dreessen. The
Chargers once again had no offense, and the Broncos once again tried for
the big pass down the field, and once again they were intercepted in
the end zone. However, the Chargers tried to get a big pass play in of
their own, and they were picked off by the Broncos. Denver drove down
into the red zone, but two sacks in a row meant they had to settle for a
51-yard field goal to end the half. The Broncos D held the Chargers to
just 21 yards of total offense in the first half.

3rd Quarter –
The Broncos got the ball to start the second half, but the dropped
passes started to catch up with them, and they were forced to punt. The
Chargers tried to find a spark, but they too had to punt. Then the
Broncos started a decent drive, but Stokely took a big hit and coughed
up the ball, and the Chargers recovered. But despite getting another
turnover, the Chargers still couldn’t make anything happen. And so a
mostly uneventful third quarter came to an end.

4th Quarter – The
Chargers started with the ball in the 4th, but desperate to get back in
the game, Rivers threw a nasty interception which was returned 52 yards
by Moore for a TD.

The Chargers tried to shake that off, but on
their next possession, Rivers got picked again, this time for a 34 yard
pick-six by Harris. Unfazed, the Chargers finally got some rhythm on
their next drive and got it down the field for a 10 yard TD pass. The
failed to get the onsides kick, and with a short field, the Broncos
offense finally made some plays and Dreessen got into the end zone for
the second time on a 3 yard TD pass from Manning. The Chargers once
again came alive on offense, but eventually settled for a 27 yard field
goal. Again, the onsides kick failed, and Denver ran the ball and ran
out the clock.

Manning had some trouble with his receivers this
game; lots of dropped passes. He finished 17 of 29 for 236 yards, 3 TDs
and 2 INTs. Meanwhile Rivers never got anything going until the late
third, and ended the day 17 of 27 for 209 yards, 1 TD and 3 INTs. The
Broncos running game was able to turn out 73 yards from McGahee, and
Dreessen made the biggest impact on offense with 97 yards and 2 TDs.
However, as it has been recently, it was really the Denver D that made
the biggest impact. Von Miller had 4 sacks, and the defense had 5 sacks
overall. They also had two pick-sixes, and held the Chargers’ running
game to virtually nil while blanketing their receivers. I’m sure the
Broncos would like to not have another come-from-behind effort this
week, and if the defense plays anywhere close to this level, I think
they’ll not only get their win, but be well on their way to controlling
the AFC West.