Madden NFL 13 – WWMD: Week 10 [Updated]

by Yo Snyder


Of course the big story in Denver was Peyton Maning making is
comeback and coming back strong. Hes on pace for one of his best
seasons of his career. However, perhaps a more important story in Denver
is the resurgence of a dominant Denver D. Just take a look at what
happened in Carolina this week. It seemed like just about every play had
one, two or three Denver defenders in the backfield. Panther receivers
were blanketed in coverage, and when they did catch the ball, they were
swarmed. So with Peyton Manning playing like, well, Peyton Manning, and a
Denver defense that is growing stronger by the week, anyone want to
take a guess as to how far into January the Broncos might be playing?

Broncos 36, Panthers 14 –

The Denver D sacked Cam Newton 7 times; and thats just when they got
him to the ground. The harried and hurried him all day, causing
fumbles, interceptions and a safety along the way. In fact, you want to
talk about a team playing a complete game, the Broncos scored on
special teams (dubiously), on defense and on offense. It was crazy.
However, the Panthers defense did a pretty good job themselves, forcing
three fumbles on what otherwise could have been scoring drives for
Denver. Carolina needs to thank their defense for keeping this from
becoming a truly embarrassing blowout. Manning went 27 of 38 for 301
yards and a TD on the day, which was a bit less than we predicted, but
he also didnt throw any INTs. Meanwhile, Denver struggled on the
ground, much as we predicted, with McGahee getting only 56 yards and
fumbling a couple times, which is even less than the 78 we predicted. So
obviously, Denver still has some things to figure out (like how to hang
on to the ball, how to get the running gaming going), but each and
every week theyre getting a bit better, which doesnt bode well for the
rest of the AFC; especially when the Denver D is on fire like they were
this week. Next week San Diego comes to town. Theyve been on a slide
ever since their blown lead in that amazing Denver comeback in San
Diego. You can bet theyll be out for revenge. Will they get it? Tune in
this Friday to see what the Madden crystal ball has to say about it.

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It’s the Amazing Manning vs. Super Cam this week as the Broncos visit
the Panthers. And don’t tell me that John Fox wouldn’t like it, just a
little, if he could really stick it to his former team. More
importantly, however, the Broncos are red-hot right now with Peyton
Manning as their QB. They’re still making some big mistakes, but they’re
finding ways to overcome them. Can this trend continue? What will
Manning do against a defense that’s been holding teams under 23 points
on average? What will the defense do against the unpredictable, big
play-making Cam Newton? Well, here’s how things unfolded in our Madden
NFL 13 crystal ball:

Broncos 31, Panthers 7:

Quarter – Just so you know, Peyton Manning scored all 38 points in this
match-up. I’ll explain how that worked out in just a moment. Carolina
started their day with a good drive that ended in disaster as Newton is
picked off by the Broncos just as he entered the red zone. Manning and
the Broncos then did their thing, and with no muss or fuss they drove 80
yards and ended with a 9-yard rushing TD by McGahee. The Panthers were
forced to punt on their next possession, and the Broncos looked all but
ready to score on their next drive, until Manning threw a pass that was
intercepted and brought back 74 yards for a Panthers TD.

Quarter – Well, the Broncos were able to hold the Panthers to a punt
early in the second, and then Manning struck back quickly with an 84
yard TD pass to Jacob Tamme.

Carolina quickly shot themselves in
the foot on their next possession as they  fumbled the ball deep in
their own territory, only to have it recovered by the Broncos. Denver
took advantage of the short field and got a 22 yard TD pass to Thomas,
and after forcing the Panthers to punt, Denver scored on another long
drive by hitting Decker for a 14 yard TD. The Panthers almost got right
back into thing at the very end of the quarter, but as Cam Newton leapt
for the end zone, he fumbled the ball on the goal line and Denver

3rd Quarter – After that very active second quarter,
things cooled off considerably in the third. Both teams spent most of
the quarter trading punts, and the one good drive Denver got going
eventually stalled, forcing them to settle for 31 yard field goal.

Quarter – Denver had another chance to score in the fourth, but Manning
threw another pick instead, but Carolina couldn’t do anything with it.
And so the final quarter ran itself out with the Broncos trying to burn
clock rushing on the ground and the Panthers struggling to convert on
third down. 

So, like I said, due to that pick-six, Manning scored
all 38 points in this contest. Manning threw 18 of 28 for 322 yards, 3
TDs and 2 INTs. The Broncos D effectively shut-down Newton, holding him
to 132 yards passing, 1 INT, 1 Fumble and 43 rushing yards. McGahee had
78 yards on the ground and a TD, and Manning spread the ball around
quite effectively, with three receivers over fifty yards, and Tamme
getting 93 yards and TD. Denver also had 4 sacks on Newton while letting
Manning get sacked twice. I’m sure this is pretty close to the kind of
game John Fox is hoping for this weekend, will it happen? Find out on
Monday just how close our predictions were.