Madden NFL 13 – Wild Card Predictions: Saturday

by Yo Snyder

And so the NFL Playoffs are finally here. There aren’t a lot
of new teams in the playoffs this year, but then teams such as Denver and the
Seahawks aren’t really the same team they were a year ago. Still, anything can
happen on any given Sunday, which is what makes the NFL so much fun to watch.
So, can Madden NFL 13 predict who’s going to make it to the Super Bowl? I don’t
know, some unusual things took place while we were simming the weekend games,
so here’s what Madden 13 predicts:

Houston 24,
Cincinnati 7:

Houston has struggled the last few games of the season, and
they ultimately lost the first-round bye and home field advantage throughout
the playoffs. The Bengals, however, have been red hot and are likely looking
for a little revenge for their Wild Card loss last year to the Texans. However,
as the game started, the Bengals offensive fizzled, while the Texans got Arian
Foster involved early and often.

The Texans first drive ended with seven points on a Foster 1
yard scamper. Their next drive, however, ended in an interception. However, the
Texan’s D stepped its game and kept the Bengals from getting anything done on
offense, and early in the second quarter Houston extended its lead with a 4
yard TD pass to Daniels. The Bengals ended up missing a 52 yard field goal, but
got the ball right back as Houston tossed up another interception. However,
Cincy still couldn’t get their offense going and had to punt, and the Texans
ended the first half with a missed 55 yard field goal. On their first play of the
second half, the Texans fumbled the ball and the Bengals recovered it and
rumbled in for a 35 yard TD.

The rest of the third was a defensive struggle, but the
Texans finally broke the stalemate in the fourth with a 20 yard field goal. The
Bengals continued to try and make something, anything happen on offense, but
the Texans D kept shutting them down. Foster helped run out a good chunk of
clock, and sealed the win with a 20 yard TD win. Schaub ended the day 15 of 22 for 221 yards,
1 TD and 2 INTs while Dalton had 15 of 27 for 132 yards. Foster carried the day
for the Texans with 33 carries for 161 yards and 2 TDs, while Johnson also
helped out with 7 catches for 135 yards. So, will the Texans D rise again? Can
Arian Foster make things happen for the Texans offense? We’ll find out.

Minnesota 17, Green
Bay 10:

Now, I know you look at that score and think, “No way.” To
be honest, so do I. Here’s the thing; for some reason Madden 13 had Green Bay
running the ball a whole bunch. They were even running it in the final two
minutes while still down by 3 points. Everyone knows this game is going to be
put into the hands of Aaron Rodgers…well, everyone except for the A.I. of
Madden 13. Do I think this prediction is accurate? On Green Bay’s side, not at
all. However, it may not be that far off for Minnesota.

Green Bay was forced to punt right from the start, and as
soon as Minnesota got the ball, they gave it right to Adrian Peterson. All he
did was scamper down the sideline for 71 yard TD.

That was pretty much all the action for the first quarter,
but early in the second, Green Bay struck back with a big play of its own as
Rodgers found Jennings down the sideline for a 77 yard TD. The Vikings tried to
strike back on their next possession, but were intercepted instead. However,
the Packers immediately fumbled the ball, with Minnesota recovering. But they
couldn’t get anything done, and that was it for the first half.

The third quarter stared with the Vikings having the ball.
They put together a nice solid drive and capped it off with a 36 yard TD run by
Peterson. With the ball in hand, the Packers tried another big strike down
field, but this time Rodgers was picked. Again, the Vikings took a lot of time
on a slow drive, and they ended it with a 26 yard field goal. The Packers were
able to get into long field goal range at the beginning of the fourth, hitting
a 45 yard field goal. The Vikings continued to hog the clock and tried to hit a
46 yard field goal of their own, but missed. So with plenty of time, Rodgers
drove the Packers down the field to tie the game, but his throw into the end
zone was intercepted, and the Vikings ran out (literally thanks to Peterson)the
clock and walked away with the win.

So here’s the “yeah right” moment of the Madden NFL 13
Playoff Predictions; Rodgers finished this game 11 of 17 for 190 yards, 1 TD
and 2 INTs. No way that happens. As I said, for some reason Madden had the
Packers run the ball 21 times for 89 yards. Plus, receivers dropped a couple of
really big throws. Sure, Rodgers and Co. could have an off game, but not that
off. Meanwhile, Ponder went just 7 of 30 for 79 yards and an INT. I really don’t
think he’ll be that bad, but I do think Peterson could be this good. He
finished with 28 carries for 226 yards and 2 TDs. Gehart added another 33 yards
on the ground whenever Peterson needed to rest. The Vikings running game has
given the Packers a lot trouble a couple times already this season, and I see
no reason that it won’t happen again. However, Rodgers will obviously be better
in the real game, and I think Ponder will be too. If Ponder plays well, the
Viking defense plays this well, and Peterson plays this well…Minnesota could
have a chance to actually win this. Yeah, I said it. We’ll see what really
happens this weekend.