Madden NFL 13 – Time’s Running Out To Join The League

by Yo Snyder

The Guide is excited about all things football, which is why
we want you to join our Madden NFL 13
online league. It’s like playing fantasy football, only you actually get to play football. Plus, come playoffs time,
you’ll even win some cool stuff from Static Radio, Astro Zombies Comics, and
The Guide. So here’s what you need to do. Pop that copy of Madden NFL 13 into your Xbox 360 (sorry, no PS3 league), go to
search for league to join, search for The Guide, and then join the league. You
can be either a player or a head coach; whatever you want. However, you need to
join soon. Games are underway and we’ll start advancing the week every Monday
starting Monday September 17th. So if you’re games aren’t done yet,
they’ll get simmed for you. Fair warning. So join the guys from The Guide for
some football fun with Madden NFL 13 and not only will you have a good time
with some cool people, get a chance to enjoy some fun football, but you’ll also
have a chance to walk away with free stuff. Cool, no? See you online.