Madden NFL 13 – Join The Guide’s Online League

by Yo Snyder

So who’s ready for some football? The 93rd season
of the NFL kicks off this week, Madden
NFL 13
is already in stores, fantasy football leagues are up and running,
and The Guide wants you to join our Madden Online league. Join us in some fun
football competition, with winners in the Wild Card, Divisional, Championship
and Super Bowl rounds walking off with some cool prizes. To join The Guide’s Madden NFL 13 league, go to Connected
Careers and search leagues for The Guide. When you find it, enter the password “reviews”
to join. Pick a team and let’s play football. We’ll advance the week every
Monday, so even if you haven’t played your game that week, just know that we’ll
be pressing forward. We’ll start the progression on Monday, September 10th.
So don’t delay, join The Guide’s Madden NFL 13 league and let the games begin. Who
knows, you may walk away at the end of the season with some cool stuff.