Madden 25 – WWMD: Week 4 [Updated]

by Yo Snyder

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth doing these
simulations. There’s just no matching Manning’s output, and that’s saying
something since we’re trying to predict how he’ll do with a video game. The
fact is I just don’t think Madden 25 is equipped to compute the levels at which
Manning is consistently playing these days. No one is. The question that now
hovers is just how long he’ll be able to keep it up, and only time will be able
to answer that one. Still, just for kicks and giggles, let’s compare the video
game stats to the actual game stats, shall we?

First off, it’s obvious our score wasn’t even close. It was
off by…about 28 points. Crazy. Denver routed the Eagles 52-20, and in truth, it
was much worse than that. Manning went 28 of 34 for 327 yards, 4 TDs and no
INTs, and that with some pretty egregious drops by his wideouts. The completion
percentage is pretty close, but that’s about it. Interesting enough, Welker did
end up with 7 catches, for 76 yards and 2 TDs. Other than that, that’s where
any similarities end. It’s just not possible to give an accurate prediction
these days for what Manning will do, but we’ll still try again anyway before
the next game rolls around.

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The Broncos are flying high; a mile high, you might say.
Peyton Manning is playing like he never has before. He’s on track to have one
of the best seasons of his career; possibly one of the best season ever for any
quarterback. Granted, the season’s still young, and it’s a long road to
February, but the rest of the NFL has to be a bit worried about the possibility
of Manning sustaining this level of play, of which there is no indication of
why he couldn’t. The downside to all of this is: How on earth to you simulate
Manning’s current level of play. It’s so far above what anyone’s expected, and
more than anyone could have predicted. I’m getting to the point where I have to
assume that no matter what Madden 25 predicts for what Manning will do, it will
like fall far short. Denver faces off against the Eagles this week, and while
their fast-paced offense covers a lot of ground and puts up plenty of points,
their defense allows a lot of the same, and you have to believe Manning won’t
have much trouble exploiting that. So did he in our Madden 25 sim of this
week’s game? Well…

Denver did win, 24-7. The Eagles only touchdown came on an
interception returned for a touchdown (by the way, Manning hasn’t had any
interceptions thus far in the season). Meanwhile, Denver’s offense was only
able to get a couple TDs and a field goal, but the Denver D also picked off
Vick and returned it for a TD. The Denver D also kept that explosive Eagles
offense in check, which has been another big surprise for the season; despite
missing some pieces, the Denver defense has actually been pretty good. Manning
finished the game 26 of 38 for 225 yards, 1 TD and an INT. Pretty pedestrian
numbers compared to how he’s really been playing. Vick went 11 for 25 for 113
yards and a TD; he’s been struggling, so who knows, those numbers may be more
accurate than one might think. Welker ended the day with 7 catches for 62 yards
and a TD, and Demayrius Thomas also had 7 catches for 94 yards (no TDs though,
which is bad for my fantasy football). I have to say, I’m not really confident
in this week’s prediction. I just think Manning’s playing much better football
than that, and quite frankly, I think the Eagles can score more than that. I
guess we’ll have to wait and see what Manning will actually do.