Madden 25 – WWMD: Week 2

by Yo Snyder

Football is back! And that means it’s one again time to see
if the Madden football video game can accurately predict what will happen in
the real NFL. Peyton Manning is still pursuing that second ring with a second
team, and he definitely has the weapons to pull it off this season, so with the
help of Madden 25, we’ll try and
predict whether or not Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will be Super Bowl
bound here in the 2013/2014 NFL season. Manning certainly got things off to an
amazing start against those hated Ravens, tossing a record tying 7 TD passes in
the game. However, things won’t be quite as easy this week.

This week it’s brother against brother as Peyton Manning and
the Broncos face off against Eli Manning and the Giants. The Giants started
their season off in poor fashion against the Cowboys, so you know they’re going
to try to redeem themselves this time around. And it’s hard to imagine Peyton
and the Broncos matching their high flying ways from last week, and in fact,
according to our Madden simulation, they don’t even come close.

Our Madden 25 sim
has the Broncos coming out on top 20 to 10 over the Giants, but it wasn’t an
easy win. Denver only managed three field goals as they suffered with some
similar problems they had last year; slow starts and an inability to finish off
drives in the end zone. Meanwhile, the Broncos D helped keep Eli Manning and the
Giants mostly in check. Eli finally got a TD pass early in the third, which
actually put them up 10-9 at that point, but Peyton Manning found is new
favorite security blanket receiver, Wes Welker, for a short TD pass early in
the fourth, after which Denver converted for two points. To seal the game, they
later kicked a field goal to reach the final score of 20-10.

Peyton had a decent night, going 25/38 for 278 yards, but he
only had 1 TD this time. Meanwhile, Eli did better in so far as he didn’t throw
any picks, but he also only had 136 yards on 18 of 31 completions against a
stout Denver D which only allowed 1 TD. Deymarius Thomas was the big receiving star
for the Broncos, with 11 catches for 178 yards. However, Denver also struggled
in a familiar area, with just 50 yards rushing on the ground.

So, will this be reflective of what actually happens? Or
will Manning (the Peyton Manning, that is) continue to prove to be almost super
human? Tune back in next week to see how our stats compare to those of the real