Madden 13 – Playoff Predictions: NFC Divisional Round

by Yo Snyder

You know, home field advantage isn’t always all that
advantageous, at least not in the NFL Playoffs. As we enter the divisional
round for the NFC, there are some intriguing matchups here. We have a couple of
rookie quarterbacks; will they be able to carry their teams into the next
round. We have a team that has yet to find success in the Playoffs, despite the
turn around in recent years during the regular season. And we have one of the
best quarterbacks in the league right now looking to get his second title. Who
will prevail? We turn to Madden NFL 13 to find out:

Packers 28, 49ers 16:

A great offense against one of the league’s best defenses;
who will prevail? One of the best QBs around versus one of the young upstarts
who likes to run the read/option offense and make just as many plays with his
legs as his arm; which will move on? The matchup between the Packers and 49ers
is all kinds of intriguing, and the game didn’t go anything like either side
expected. I was certainly constantly surprised at how it all unfolded.

The 1st quarter had the 49ers get off to a good
start with a solid drive that ended with a 29 yard field goal. However, the
Packers came out firing on all cylinders, with Rodgers hitting Cobb for a 72
yard TD on their very first play.

After that initially flurry of activity, both sides settled
down a bit for the rest of the opening quarter. The 2nd, however,
saw all kinds of scoring. San Francisco got things started on a nice long drive
that ended with a 9 yard TD pass to James. Green Bay responded with a long
drive of their own that culminated with a 2 yard pass to Finnley, and then
after the 49ers were forced to punt, the Packers scored again right before the
half after another time consuming drive that ended with a 19 yard TD pass to
Finnley. The Packers certainly looked to be in control. However, this is a game
of two halves. The 3rd quarter was a disaster for both sides. Green
Bay got things started by opening their drive with an interceptions. San
Francisco did the same on their next possession, but then the Packers gave the
ball right back just when it looked like they might score. The 49ers took that
turnover and turned into points on a 7 yard TD pass to Davis, but they failed
on the 2-point conversion. The 4th quarter started much the same for
Green Bay with another interceptions, but the 49ers returned the favor on their
next two possessions, both of which ended in INTs. Finally, as the game was
coming to a close, Green Bay sealed the deal with a 50 yard TD pass to Finnley.

Rodgers ended the day 14/24 for 293 yards, 4 TDs and 3 INTs.
Not his best day, but the 49ers have a tough defense. Kapernick went 13 of 22
for 169 yards, 1 TD and 3 INTs. The 49ers had a good game on the ground, with
Gore picking up 110 yards on 21 carries, while the Packers got 92 yards from
Green on 11 carries. Cobb had a huge game with 106 yards and a TD, while
Finnley finished with 96 yards and 3 TDs. So once again, it looks as though the
49ers will fall short, and should that happen, the questions about switching to
Kapernick are sure to arise.


Falcons 21, Seahawks

There probably isn’t a team that needs a playoff win more
desperately than the Falcons. They’ve been able to make the playoffs plenty in
recent years, but they have yet to actually win in the playoffs, and being the
number one seed hasn’t helped; nor will it this year either. The Seahawks are
tough and they have the real deal in their rookie quarterback; who would have
thought that the one rookie to go deep into the playoffs wouldn’t be Luck or RG3
or even Kapernick, but Russell Wilson. Anyone?

The 1st quarter saw a lot of nothing but punting
happen. However at the end of the quarter, the Falcons got a decent drive going
and it led to them opening the 2nd quarter with a 1 yard TD rush by
Turner. However, the Seahawks were more than able to keep pace, driving down
the field and finishing with a 39 yard TD pass to Tate. The Falcons got a 70
yard kick return on the ensuing kickoff, and that set up a 29 yard TD pass to
Gonzales. However, the Seahawks struck right back with an 82 yard TD pass to

Then, the Falcons floundered. Ryan threw a pick, and the
Seahawks took that down the field for a 20 yard TD pass to Tate. But, the
Falcons weren’t quite ready to throw in the towel, as they ended the half with
a solid drive that ended with a 24 yard TD to Jones. The 3rd quarter
started Atlanta’s undoing. Their first series was a disaster, ending with a
Seattle getting a safety off of a sack/fumble. The Seahawks then turned that
into more points with a 21 yard field goal on the next drive. Atlanta looked
ready to get back in the game on their following drive, but just as they were
getting into the red zone, they fumbled the ball. Seattle took their time going
down the field that finished with a bruising 9 yard TD rush by Turbin, and
Atlanta last final desperate attempt ended with an INT.

Ryan finished his latest playoff fiasco with 13 of 19 for
244 yards, 2 TDs and 2 costly INTs. Wilson continued to shine in his rookie
season with 13 of 15 for 250 yards and 3 TDs. Lynch demolished the Atlanta D
with 150 yards on the ground, while Turner only came up with 50 yards and a TD.
Gonzales played one of his best games for what might be his final game, with 7
catches for 148 yards and a TD, but he was also the one to cough up the ball in
the red zone. Meanwhile, Rice finished a big day with 3 catches for 104 yards
and a TD. So the Seahawks continue to soar and the Falcons continue to struggle
in the playoffs, or so Madden 13 seems to think. We’ll see how things turn out
this weekend.