Madden 12 – Online Community Game Night

by Yo Snyder

All right Madden fans, the football season is kicking off, and we
figured a good way to celebrate that would be with some football
(brilliant, I know). One of the exciting new features of Madden NFL 12
this year is the addition of online communities. Now you can compete
online, leaderboards and all, with your friends or with a bunch of
people with common interests (like reading The Guide). So consider this
your official invite to The Guide’s Madden NFL 12 Online Community on
the Xbox 360. Just go to Xbox Live in the Madden menu, pick Online
Communities, and then do a search for StaticGuide. That’s all there is
to it. Join up and start playing some games. Trust me, you’ll want to
practice because we’re planning some online community events where you
could win free stuff. The first such night is coming up September 16th
at 7:30 pm. Play Madden with crew from The Guide, KNKT and Static Radio, enjoy
the fun and fellowship, and who knows, you just may walk away with
something cool. We’re stoked for football, and more so for sharing some
fun with all of you. So join the StaticGuide Madden Online Community
today and let’s have some fun.