Little Red Wagon – A Chat with The Director

by Yo Snyder

In 2004, Hurricane Charley, a category 4 storm with maximum
winds of 150 mph, hit the state of Florida at its peak strength. It was the
strongest storm to hit the state since Andrew back in 1992. Ultimately the
storm was responsible for 10 deaths and caused over $15 billion in damages.
Watching that storm unfold and the devastation left in its wake was seven-year-old
Zach Bonner. He saw all the need people had after the storm was over, and
decided to do something about it. He started by collecting supplies such as
water and food from his neighborhood in a little red wagon. A year later, he
founded the Little Red Wagon Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated,
among other things, to helping homeless children. Among the many, many
activities Zach has been a part of, he has helped distribute over 6000
backpacks to homeless kids across the nation filled with the everyday and
school items they need. If ever there was someone who understood the concept of
“I Am They”, it’s Zach Bonner.

Now his story is coming to the big screen in a film directed
by David Asnpaugh, who’s probably best known for his involvement in Ruddy and Hoosiers. We recently had a chance to catch up with David (who, by
the way, wasn’t feeling all that great but was still gracious enough to give
interviews) and learned a little bit more about this remarkable story and the
challenge of getting it made into a movie: