Lincoln – The Great Struggle Of A Great President

by Yo Snyder

During last night’s Presidential debate, viewers got a peek
at someone who will always be the historical epitome of what it means to be
Presidential. A new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln aired during the debates, and it reminded us that there was
a time where there was more at stake in our nation than just our financial
comfort (and there is today, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss).
Arguably, this trailer does a better job of showing us what Lincoln is about, and that it’s not just
a piece of Oscar-bait. Here we get a bit more insight into what was at stake
and what Lincoln was fighting for in pursuing the thirteenth amendment to the
Constitution of the United States. It looks as though that final period in
Lincoln’s life is going to make for a fine piece of film drama, but take a look
and share you own thoughts on this latest look at Spielberg’s Lincoln.