Lincoln – A Peek At The First Trailer

by Yo Snyder

Abraham Lincoln is a towering figure of history, one of the few who
truly altered the course of history and the fate of untold millions.
He’s also a figure who’s rarely been given his due on the big screen
(although he was pretty awesome in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:
“Be excellent to each other, and…party on dudes!”). Steven Spielberg
is bringing the 16th president to the big screen in one awesome looking,
Oscar-bait of a movie (and I mean that in a very good sense) simply
called Lincoln. With Daniel Day-Lewis leading the way for a
stellar cast, the haunting music of John Williams, and the deft touch
the Spielberg can bring to stories such as this, expectations for this
movie couldn’t be higher. The film explores the last few months of
Lincoln’s life during that crucial fight to once and for all abolish
slavery from the United States of America. It’s not so much a movie
about the Civil War, but one about the political fight, and the personal
toll, that Lincoln endured to do what he knew to be right. Take a look
at the just released trailer, and if you don’t get goosebumps, you might
need to check your pulse. Leave your thoughts about it in the comments