John Wick – Its Butt Kicking Time!

by Yo Snyder

It’s very refreshing to go see a shoot em up guy’s movie
that knows exactly what kind of movie it wants to be.  Especially after sitting through the somewhat
schizophrenic cinema experience that is Fury.
 So by 15 minutes into the movie, I
sat back with a big ol smile on my face ready to enjoy the ride…

John Wick does a
great job of quickly pulling the viewer in and setting us in Mr. Wick’s
world.  First, we become sympathetic to
man who just lost everything.  And soon
we learn he left a lot behind in order to gain what he has now lost.  Sad for him, even worse for the crew of thugs
who took it from him!  This movie
delivers some great scenes in the first 20 minutes or so to set the stage of
how good John Wick is at his old job of disposing unwanted people.  Even the head of the Russian Mafia has a
reason to fear Mr. Wick.  So the stage is
set, badass assassin now retired comes out of retirement because the Russian
Mob boss’s son stole his car and killed his dog.   To make things interesting, Mr. Boss man
takes out a $2M contract on Mr. Wick in hopes of saving his son.  What takes place over the next 1hr in 20
minutes is nothing short of pure guy movie bliss as John goes through the vestiges
of his old life and old friends to make way to his one desire, to dispense the
man who took his last prized possessions. 
And after 1 hr and 20 minutes, I looked over at my fellow movie goers
with a big ol’ smile and said what a great movie!!  We had amazing fight scenes with gun action
that clearly pays homage to one of my favorites of all time – Equilibrium.  We had a nice tight story that knew exactly
what it was for, to move us to the next butt kicking scene.  We had great supporting cast coming and going
to keep things interesting for John. 
Everything I could have hoped for in a great shoot em up flick!

But sadly, after an hour and 20 min, the movie still has 10
minutes to go.  And in those 10 minutes
betrays its greatness, forgets its purpose and feels completely different from
the previous joyride.  It’s honestly as
if though the writer/director said, ok – now what do we do with these last few
characters?  Should it be a comedic?  Should it be trivial?  Should it be….?!?  And they never quite figure it out which
leads to a poor ending to a great movie. 
At first, I was wondering if they were going to go for a sequel and
thoughts of Taken 2 came to mind – no not a sequel to a great thrilling romp
that holds its own!  Perhaps a sequel
would have been a better option to this ending, at least that’s my feeling…

John Wick delivers
a  scene that really got me thinking
after the movie finished.  Mr. Mob Boss
and Mr. Wick are exchanging words and the boss says that maybe we are cursed
and that is why we are who we are.  Mr.
Wick agrees that he feels the same way, cursed. 
It’s not something we often like to admit, but we are all cursed, under
the curse of sin.  Romans 3:23 states
that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God – cursed.  But the good news is that Romans goes on to
proclaim that all are justified freely by grace through the redemption of
Christ Jesus.  We can’t remove our own
curse, but thankfully God is more than willing to remove it for us, so much so
he gave his son as ransom for us.  And that’s
a ransom that no one, Mr Wick included could ever have paid.

4.5 out of 7 – This movie
would have easily earned a 6 from this reviewer if it were not for the final 10
minutes.  Still, it may be well worth the
fun of the first hour and twenty minutes. 
John Wick is rated R for
strong violence and some bad language. 
It knows what kind of movie it is and does not hold back the punches as
Mr. Wick distributes his retribution.