John Carter – The First Full Trailer

by Yo Snyder

The trailer debuted exclusively on IGN last week, but if you didn’t get a
chance to look at it, here’s the full-length trailer for Disney’s John Carter. The movie is directed by A Pixar alum Andrew Stanton, who helped create such gems as Wall-E and Finding Nemo. The film is based on John Carter of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of the earlier trailer-blazers in science
fiction. If there are elements in the trailer that look similar to
things you’ve seen before, just remember that this movie isn’t borrowing
them from others, rather others have borrowed from Burroughs as he
wrote this story over a hundred years ago. In any even, take a look and
tell us what you think. Does the trailer pique your interest? Does it
reveal enough to make you want to watch without spoiling anything?