Is Your Faith A Dress Of Balloons? – Or Is It An Armor?

by Yo Snyder

Psalm 20:6 “Now this I know: The LORD gives victory to his anointed. He answers him
from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.” A
fashion designer in Tokyo recently created an entire dress out of balloons. No
seriously, they wove balloons together like fabric and created a mini-dress that
can be worn, but it does come with an important warning; keep the dress away
from needles. Also, if you think that just because balloons only cost about a
dime a piece that this dress comes cheap; think again. The actual cost for a
balloon dress is about $1,900; probably because it ain’t easy to weave balloons
full of air. While some may think it’s silly to wear such a fragile garment,
truth is sometimes we wear our Christianity like it was a balloon dress. We
move around tentatively as Christians lest the needle of post-modernism or the
needle of science or the needle of some other religion or the simple needle of
tragedy will pop our delicate faith. Well, last time I checked my Bible, faith
isn’t a balloon, it’s an armor. The good news is faith in God isn’t faith in
something that can disappear like a puff of air, but faith in someone who is
real and who is trustworthy. Our faith as Christians isn’t full of air; it has
the weight of evidence behind it and the substance of reality to sustain it. So
don’t wear your faith like a really expensive but fragile balloon dress, wear
it like the armor it was intended to be and don’t be afraid to put it to the
test the spiritual battles that wage all around us.