Interactive Nights – Game Ministry At Cross Christian Fellowship

by Yo Snyder

Cross Christian Fellowship, in a rather bold move for a church, has a game ministry called Interactive Nights. The next event is August 10th, and The Guide is going to be there. Interactive nights features food, some devotional time, and of course lots of video games. Gamers will compete in tournaments across a wide variety of games, this Friday I hear it’ll be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but mostly, they’ll get a chance to hang out, fellowship, and share in their passion for video games and God’s word. The reason we think this is such a bold move is because, well, there’s a certain stigma when it comes to video games, especially in the Church. Specifically that all games are debased violent platforms of evil and corruption, and anti-social habit that undermines the character of anyone who plays them. Well, that’s just simply not true. While some games are excessively violent and evil, that’s a small percentage. More than that, gaming is a hugely social activity that’s growing even more social as social media is continually incorporated in today’s games. Plus, as we try to demonstrate here on The Guide, there are just as many eternal truths to be discovered in video games as there in any other form entertainment. In fact, we’ll be sharing some of those eternal truths this Friday, all based on our passion for playing video games. So check out Interactive Nights on August 10th. Visit crossfellowship.org or “like” them on Facebook for all the details, and hopefully we’ll see you there.