Hollywood And The Bible – A Look At The Upcoming Movies

by Yo Snyder

So, just a couple days ago we posted an interview with
Jonathan Bock of Grace Hill Media about the coming wave of Bible-based projects
in Hollywood. We’re entering a period unlike any in recent history, where the
biggest names in Hollywood have a very keen interesting in making movies based
on the stories of the Bible. In the interview we talked about what that means
for the Christian community and what we can do about it, how we can make the
most of this opportunity. Well, I thought it was rather interesting that in the
same week, Entertainment Weekly
posted an article on their website that listed all of the upcoming projects.
So, just in case you thought everything Jonathan said was a bunch of hyperbole,
take a look at the EW.com article and see what’s in the works or may be soon.
It’s a pretty extensive list. And then, with that in mind, go back and read our interview with Jonathan about how As1 we can really make the most of this
intriguing Hollywood/Bible trend.